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How do I make an appointment? 

If you have been seen by a Dentist at Framwellgate Dental Surgery before for a non urgent treatment simply phone  0191 3869436 and ask for an appointment. 
If you have not been to the practice before, call the practice on the above number and we will let you know when our next new patient appointment is. 
If you don't have access to a phone please feel free to stop by the practice and speak to our receptionist.  

What should I do if I want to cancel an appointment?

At Framwellgate Dental Surgery we have a cancellation and missed appointment policy to ensure smooth booking of appointments and to enable our time to be used efficiently, a wasted appointment may deprive a patient with pain or other more serious problems from receiving treatment promptly.

We request 24 hours notice should you need to cancel an appointment. 

Appointments can be cancelled in person, by telephone or leave a message on our answer phone.

If you cancel three appointments without giving us 24 hours notice in a year, further appointments will be at the dentist discretion.

If you fail to attend two appointments in a year, further appointments will be at the dentist discretion.

If you are a new patient and you miss your first appointment unfortunately we will not be able to offer you a new appointment.

Your personal information
Any personal information that you provide to Framwellgate Dental Surgery will be treated with strictest confidence. Any information that we hold about you is kept confidential and secure and will never be passed to a third party without your expressed consent unless we are required to do so by law (e.g. in a case of public health risk or child protection) 

If you wish to access your records for any reason please put your request in writing and we will contact you about how this can be done.  

Your permission will always be sought for any procedure or treatment and if you change your mind this decision will always be respected. If you have an advanced directive or power of attorney please inform a member of staff.